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Record Update

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know what’s going on with my upcoming record. This project has been a unique and inspired journey for me as a writer, artist and even a producer. I started writing this record on the road as Young Love was winding down. Every night I would set up a mini studio backstage after soundcheck and explore. I spent a lot of time alone experimenting with different chords, obscure samples and tons of beats allowing myself the freedom to try everything from Paul Simon afro grooves to hard hitting hip hop tracks. I found myself in a place of freedom that reminded me of when I first started writing music.

My family has slowly started migrating to Nashville where I currently live. It has been amazing for me personally, but I found myself writing a lot about Oregon and growing up on the west coast. I guess I was kind of mourning the loss of some of the physical roots that tie me to Oregon. I wrote about the struggle and joys of falling in love and what it takes to walk through that amazing fire. I wrote about losing people and finding the one person in the world that seems to bring it all to life. There is a song for underdogs and a song that references Bel Biv Devo (I listened to a lot of late 80′s and 90′s music while we were recording).

We have starting mixing and getting everything ready for you to hear. I’m not sure what the release date is just yet, but my team at Republic Records is working hard to nail it down as we speak. It could be sooner than you think…

To say I am excited to share it with you would be an understatement. The close friends and artists that I let into my creative bubble have confirmed I am not crazy and this record is in fact special. More to come….


P.S.!!!!! My wine Verse & Chorus was such a hit at Whole Foods that they asked us to do a white for their wine club. We have a limited 20 cases of our Sauvignon Blanc to sell online so get it while it’s hot. (I like it even better than our red. which is saying something) It goes on sale TODAY at 12:00 noon PST and you can order here:


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